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Luca Mondonico

Materials Engineer

Materials are just everywhere: from interstellar probes to tomatoes.
Materials engineers are the true architects of matter; we create products bridging length and time scales. If well-designed, even the smallest structure can lead to quite remarkable results.

I'm currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. When I'm not working at the next energy revolution, I enjoy playing volleyball, traveling, and occasionally trading stocks.


Finding elegant solutions to difficult problems...

Battery manufacturing
battery materials

Solid electrolyte interphase for effective anode protection in Li-metal batteries

Battery manufacturing
stretchable batteries

Transparent and stretchable current collector for Li-ion batteries in wearable electronics

iphone 5
reverse engineering

Analysis and engineering validation of the iPhone 5 screen display

transport phenomena
transport phenomena

Theory of viscoelasticity and interfacial engineering for energy storage devices.

lighting equipment
life cycle analysis

Cradle-to-grave environmental footprint analysis in modern lighting equipment.

Advanced sustainability economics
Sustainability economics

Mathematical modeling of non-renewables depletion and pollution-induced capital depreciation.

miniature gas detector
miniature gas detector

Validating sensors for ultra-fast detection of toxic gases

biomimetic sensor
biomimetic sensor

Prototyping sensors for low-cost selective recognition of diseases biomarkers


Traveling the world doing things ...

Tesla, Inc.

Led 3 internal cell qualification programs. Developed adhesives, potting and insulator materials for structural battery packs of Model 3, Y, Cybertruck, and Semi.

Stanford University

As a research scholar at Stanford ChemE, I designed and manufactured a solution-processable artificial solid electrolyte interphase for effective anode protection in Li-metal batteries.

ETH Z├╝rich

I pioneered transparent and stretchable battery electrodes to be used in wearable devices. I also proposed an innovative theroetical framework to describe transport at viscoelastic interfaces for designing better and lighter composites.

Nanyang Technological University

In Singapore, I led a research team which implemented experimental adsorption models for miniature gas detectors. I also generated several strategies to promote low-cost scalability of biomimetic sensors for diseases biomarkers detection.

EXPO 2017 Astana

As a student representative at the EXPO Italian Pavilion in Kazakhstan, I interacted with local organizers to promote the adoption of sustainable energy technologies in underdeveloped countries.

Politecnico di Milano

I designed novel polymer blends to be used in industrial mechanical joints. This included accurate materials' selection and testing of temperature-dependent mechanical properties under real life-conditions.

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